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    Garden of Bones is a mature, historical fantasy/supernatural board with a few quirks that make it all its own. We thrive on character and plot development, and we love to thread. We're an active, friendly, and sometimes nutty group of people who all came together for one purpose: to have fun with our hobby.

    Our species list consists of humans, vampires, witches, lycans, and therianthropes. However, our vampires don't sparkle and our lycans can only change on the full moon. We've mixed in some traditional lore with some newer stuff and added a twist of our own to each of the species to give them a nice, original twist.

    So if you'd like to be a part of our family, please join with a first, middle, and last name in proper caps. ie: Lisa Jane Smith or Tyler Jacob Parker.

    In the year 216 After the Reaping

    Summer has finally come to Setharos and each kingdom is celebrating it in its own way. Mirarien is enjoying the heat and longer days while Edessi is bemoaning the late sunset and early sunrises. The warmth and rain in Arycan is mixing with the cool breezes from Thelidan, creating fog on the forest floor. Meanwhile Thelidan is enjoying the warmest time of the year, despite there still being parts of the kingdom that have snow.

    FULL MOONS: July 22nd && August 20th

    Humans: 7
    Vampires: 15
    Lycans: 8
    Therianthropes: 6
    Witches: 8
    Male: 22
    Female: 22
    Total: 44

  • bounty board
    "A group of bandits have been spotted in the forest just outside of Ceninli Heights. Travelers are asked to stick to the Queen's Road and not stop their carriages for anybody. The city magistrate has released a bounty of 20 gold coins for eliminating the bandits."

    "Evidence of blood magic has been found in Stormroost Valley following the disappearance of three young girls. Although the bodies have been found, the witch managed to flee the scene before the Paladin could confront them. Please be on the lookout for any suspicious individuals but do not engage them at risk of death! Send for the Paladin as soon as possible."

    "A group of defiled slaves from the fighting pits have escaped and are somewhere in Setharos. Anybody with information on their whereabouts will be paid ten silvers. Find Eris Boyd on the outskirts of Dressnoon Parrish regarding the slaves."

    "Due to the coronation of the Arycanian royals, there have been increased sightings of highwaymen on the King's road, as well as groups of wild bandits in the surrounding forests. There will be an increase in guards patrolling the roads, however Gushyell Parrish's magistrate has offered a reward of 30 gold coins for the heads of the bandit leaders."

    "There have been pirate sightings in the waters by the island. Sailors and ship captains should be cautious with their cargo. One ship captain claims that it is the Moonshine, seeking passage towards the Night Port, but the Edessian crown has denied any claims of allowing the cutthroats to find shelter in their kingdom."

    help wanted board
    Help wanted at Port Breton. Needs to be able to load and unload cargo off of merchant ships. Speak with Captain Ron Waynwright in the West Breton Company if interested.

    Help wanted in Gushyell Parrish. Able builders required to fix broken buildings in the town. Speak to Jan Bjork in the Moon Fang inn. Therianthropes excluded. Note from Jan: nobody wants ‘yer kind in this kingdom.

    Help wanted in Windstop Grasshill. A local child has gone missing and Petyr and Nora Koswell offer three nobles in reward for anybody who can help bring her back. For more details, meet them at the Grazer tavern. They will be there every evening at six.

    Help wanted in Ceninli Heights. Renard Jean , the infamous vampire designer has asked for help to improve city conditions for the King’s birthday. Paying will be generous – needs help ASAP.

    Help wanted at Port Endon. Captain Ignacio Lazarus needs able-bodied individuals to clear the snow away from the market. Food and board will be provided, as well as a small payment.

    Help wanted at Rookview Port. Warren Hazard is seeking shipwright apprentices. Apply at the Boneyard building.

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Arycanian Coronation

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The Burning of Morgath

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Located in the north of Setharos, Thelidan is home to the therianthropes, a proud race of animal shapeshifters. It is the coldest of all of Setharos, many areas covered in permafrost.
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Located in the east of Setharos, Edessi is home to the vampires, immortal beings unable to stand the light of day. Some of the most beautiful architecture is found with Edessi, due to the Queen's love of beauty.
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Located in the south of Setharos, Mirarien is home to the humans, the first race to settle in Setharos. Restored after the Reaping, Mirarien houses the Faith, a religion preaching against all other races.
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Found in between the four kingdoms, the Crossroads is the only place of neutrality in Setharos. There is a small town found here called Warrick, but most of the people that circle through it are travelers.
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Located in the west of Setharos, Arycan is home to the fierce lycans. Filled with destruction and ruin, the power paradigm is manifested in strength and dominance.
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The Island
Located outside of Setharos, the Island is now the home to generations of many exiled witches. Small, the constant use of magic is starting to take its toll on the land.
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Anything in the past can be rped here. This can include the time before the reaping as well if your character is a lycan or vampire.

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Is there something in the distant future you want to rp? Do so here.

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Alternate Universe
Is there something that won't quite work in this universe but you're curious to try it out still? For example a plot with certain people that couldn't work because something else had already happened.

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